Successful Results For Your IT DW/BI, Mobile, or Media Project!



Do you need help developing and distributing your mobile app, educational or promotional game, or building a data warehouse (both back-end and front-end)?  Looking for a seasoned and resourceful IT and Media professional with a focus on business value and the entrepreneurial edge?   Contact Kim at info @ today!  I’m especially interested in projects where Data Warehouse / BI and Data Analysis / System Integration overlap with Mobile Technology, and have a wide variety of skills and resources at hand to bring your vision to life.

-With over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology Industry, Kim can lead your team – or bring in a new one – to take your project to success.

Previous roles include:  Senior Strategic Portfolio Management – Finance, Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence Project Manager and System Architect (from inception to implementation), ERP Implementation Project Lead (Finance/Accounting), Mainframe Programmer Analyst and Production Support, and Owner of an independent Mobile App Development/Games/Media Content Publishing LLC.

-Experienced in the following industries:  Financial, Automotive, IT Consulting, Media, Export and Logistics, Defense Manufacturing, Utilities, Education, Government, and Construction Project Management.  Particular focus is upon extracting measurable business value from data analysis, whether the data is sourced from Finance, HR, Logistics, or any other area of interest.

-Clients have full usage rights to PATTCAST’s digital library containing more than 5 terabytes of 2D / 3D content, art resources, and background music.  Access to this content can greatly reduce time-to-market and overall cost for projects such as 2D/3D animation, video production, game development and mobile apps.

Contact:  Kim at info @ to discuss your project in confidence!