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with animated symbol chart pattern for the Elegant Charm Scarf

Hello and thanks for looking! This is Kim from PATTCAST inviting you to try our completely new format for crochet patterns – animated international symbol charts!

Patterns presented as charts are popular, for many reasons – you can visually compare the pattern to the work in your hands, you get a mental picture of how the repeats work, and – they’re, well, international. It’s amazing that crochet has its own set of symbols that are recognized everywhere in the world, transcending whatever the local spoken word happens to be. How cool is that?

However, pattern charts can be confusing too. Mainly this stems from “too much information” on the page – where do I start? How do I get from here to there?  And if you’re interrupted, it’s often difficult to locate where you left off on the chart, to pick it up again.

One day, it hit me – animate the charts! Step-by-step, with little tips along the way to explain the tricky parts – but make those tips visual, so as not to lose the international appeal. My team animated a chart, and then we saw that we could flip the animation, and it worked perfectly in the opposite direction for a native left-handed pattern as well.

Elegant Charm Scarf

Try out our new method with this free pattern for your Apple device:
The “Elegant Charm” scarf, available in Right-Handed and Left-Handed versions.

  • The pattern is accessible from the large center button, and is onboard the app.  You can always get to your pattern, regardless of wifi connection.
  • It’s easy to pick up where you left off in the animation, with a filmstrip scrolling feature (in addition to the usual fast scrub).
  • Apple TV compatible, so you can watch it on the big screen – great for groups or teaching situations!
  • Other handy buttons lead to a help page for additional tips and answers to questions, an online store for project kits, a social media menu, and a link to  designer games and contests.

Left and Right Handed Versions AVAILABLE for iOS:

Elegant Charm Scarf - Lefties





Elegant Charm Scarf - Right Handed





scarf pic