Welcome to PATTCAST’s unique, patent-pending methods of yarn-crafting instruction – fully MOBILE and GLOBAL !

Our apps are used in 52 countries on six continents!

  • If you love to crochet, but hate interpreting written patterns (sooo 19th century, even as a PDF download…)
  • If you find your attention wandering during a video of someone knitting and explaining it as they go…
  • If you find your iPhone indispensable, but you can’t connect to online crafting sites with only two bars…

Download our FREE app and give PATTCAST a try!

Rather than TELLING you how, we’ll SHOW you – in a lively, fun way! We do move fast and travel far – perhaps faster than you’re accustomed to, so press PAUSE or REWIND anytime.

PATTCAST’s animated international symbol charts are embedded in the apps, so you aren’t slowed down when out and about. Take your project anywhere! Our projects are modular and easily customized to become your one-of-a-kind art piece.

Every app comes in a Left-Handed and Right-Handed version.

PATTCAST’s three patent-pending breakthroughs are: VIVICHARTS, VIVISHAPES, and the YARNLEIDESCOPE.

VIVICHARTS: international crochet symbol patterns – animated, so it’s easy to follow the chart to a finished project.

VIVISHAPES: photo animations matching the symbol charts.


The YARNLEIDESCOPE (in passive mode) demonstrates project assembly…in active mode, it is a GAME for DESIGNERS to preview their project prior to a single stitch!





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